Matchtech Share Blog – Interim Results Year Ending 2016

Matchtech has now released its interim results for the year ending 2016. Following the integration of Networkers, the reporting structure of the group has changed to two main reporting segments, Engineering and Technology. The new Engineering segment includes the engineering … Continue reading

Matchtech Finance Blog – Full Year 2013

Matchtech has now released their full year results for the year ending 2013.   Overall revenues were up substantially with Engineering revenues increasing by £26.7M and Professional Services revenues up £10.9M.  Costs of sales were also up but to a … Continue reading

Matchtech Blog – Interim 2013

Matchtech have now released their interim results for the half year ending 2013.   After the restructuring in reporting, which now includes Engineering (Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Infrastructure, Marine and Science sectors) and Professional Services (Barclay Meade, Alderwood and Connectus, the … Continue reading